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FreeSketch is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions. See the GNU General Public License for details.

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FreeSkecth enables the user to mix vectorial graphics and script programming. It is both a graphic editor and a script engine.
The user is to able to freely compose a presentation (similarly to what happens with openoffice impress), but each action is recorded as a command in a script. The script can later be edited, generalized (by specifing formal parameters, i.e. scripts can be turned into functions), and called within future scripts as a single (higher level) command.
With FreeSkecth users can start composing a presentation, change their mind about one or more elements used, go back (in the previous script commands), alter their previous decisions (for example instead of a rectangle, use a circle to represent a certain concept); the effect of this change will be propagated in the whole presentation. This results in a more flexible and user-centered way of working.

Possible applications are: reusable presentations that are easy to change "on the fly", algorithm animation (starting from an example and generalizing the operations to create a set of commands for experimenting with that algorithm), rewriting systems (such as iterated fractals, graftals or language theory related rewriting systems) and rapid prototyping of visual programs (e.g. brainstorming about games).

FreeSketch is developed in Java 1.5.

On an architectural level, FreeSkecth is an implementation of a mix of two object-oriented design patterns: Interpreter and Command.
The resulting architecture, that we call HistoryScript, can be added to most vectorial graphics editors (both 2D and 3D), with minimum extensions on the currently used command pattern.

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by Andrea Valente
Member of
The Avatars Group